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5. 2011

Awards 2011

The Comets Trophy - Bonnie Smith

This award was donated by the Lowdon Family and is presented to recognise service to Comets NC.

Bonnie joined the club as a player, probably 30 years ago (but maybe 40!), and also during this time represented Kent. She then progressed to become an umpire and a coach. As Secretary of the club she does a lot of work behind the scenes and acts as Team Manager for the Premier League and Regional League teams. She also coaches the under 12s and supports the other club coaches.

Senior 1

Player of the Year - Charlotte J

Players' Players - Claire B

Senior 2

Player of the Year - Jenny

Players' Player - Jenny

Under 19

Player of the Year - Alex

Most Improved Player - Tia and Kelly

Coach's Award - Lourdes

Under 16

Player of the Year - Sid

Most Improved Player - Sophie

Coach's Award - Lauren M

Under 14

Player of the Year - Jayme

Most Improved Player - Holly Br

Coach's Award - Rosie-May

Under 12

Merit Awards - Mollie and Olivia

Players of Year in Medway Junior League - Georgia and Shannon